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Annalisa Cima and Gregorio Sciltian choose
the paintings for the Cima exhibition in the study
of the painter, Milan 1963 


Annalisa Cima and Silvio Ceccato
in the Flaviana Gallery of Rinaldo
Bianda in Locarno, Switzerland.
The exhibition of the paintings
was presented by Max Bill,
Locarno 1964

Annalisa Cima and Dino Buzzati a
Galleria Cavour of Milan, 1967


Fausto Melotti and Annalisa Cima
in Milan, 1969

Emilio Vedova and Annalisa Cima
in the Studio of the painter.
Venice 1969 (photo by Franco Bottino)


Allen Ginsberg and Annalisa Cima
in Venice, 1969 (photo by Franco Bottino


Luchino Visconti, photo by Annalisa Cima
in the house of Luchino in Rome, 1969


Annalisa Cima and Marianne Moore in the house
of the writer at 35 west 9 St. in New York,
1969 (photo by Ugo Mulas) 


Vanni Scheiwiller, Aldo Palazzeschi,
Annalisa Cima, Alberto Lattuada in Rome, 1969


Aldo Palazzeschi and Annalisa Cima in Rome
in the writer's house in Via dei Resentoristi,
1969 (photo by Alberto Lattuada)


Aldo Palazzeschi, Annalisa Cima,
Vanni Scheiwiller, Rome 1969


Eugenio Montale and Annalisa Cima
in Forte dei Marmi, 1971


Edgar Raymond Lorch (Professor emeritus of mathematics,
Columbia University) and Annalisa Cima, New York 1976


Annalisa Cima e Natalia Danesi Murray
a New York, 1976


James Laughlin (founder of the house
Editrice New Direction) and Annalisa Cima


Annalisa Cima in Rome, 1976
(photo by Giovanna Piemonti)

Annalisa Cima e
Allen Mandelbaum in Genoa


Anna Proclemer, Annalisa Cima, Cesare Segre, presentation at
Rizzoli Library in Milan of an author's profile: Eugenio Montale
edited by Annalisa Cima and Cesare Segre, Bur Rizzoli, 1977,
Annalisa Cima Sesamon, foreword by Cesare Segre,
Guanda 1977, Montale Meeting by Annalisa Cima, Scheiwiller 1973,
readings by Anna Proclemer and Giorgio Albertazzi..


Annalisa Cima, Giorgio Albertazzi,
Anna Proclemer, Milan 1977

Vanni Scheiwiller, Annalisa Cima, Cesare Sagre present at the Cultural Center S. Bartolomeo in Bergamo Annalisa CimaSesamon, Guanda 1977 Profile of an author: Eugenio Montale, curated by Annalisa Cima and Cesare Sagre, Bur Rizzoli, 1977 Meeting Montale by annalisa Cima, scheiwiller , 1973 (photo from the Newspaper of  bergamo) 


1977-78, from left: Abino Pierro, Antonio Pizzuto,
Annalisa Cima, in Rome to meet Gianfranco Contini


Annalisa Cima and Friedrich Glombik,
Montecarlo 1982


Cesare Segre and Annalisa Cima at the presentation
by Ipotesi d'amore (Garzanti) Lugano 1984 (photo Olympia)


Ernesto Calzavara (standing),
Armanda Guiducci
(center), Lugano 1984

Alina Kalczynska and Vanni Scheiwiller,
Lugano 1984 


From the left: Enrico Berra, Lalla Berra,
Armanda Guiducci, Giannino Fava
In the second row: Cancio Riccardi, Ernesto Calzavara,
Thea, Monsignor Natale Ghiglione, Lugano 1984


From left: Sergio Finzi, Annalisa Cima, Mauro Mancia,
Mario Tiengo and Virginia Finzi Ghisi.
Presentation of Hypothesis of Love, Lugano 1984


Elenita Olivares, Aligi Sassu, Annalisa Cima, Lugano 1986.
Presentation of the first six unpublished poems by Eugenio Montale.


Annalisa Cima and Silvio Riolfo, Lugano 1984


Vico Faggi, Lugano 1984

Marisa Bulgheroni, Lugano 1984


Marisa Bulgheroni, Cesare Segre, Annalisa Cima, first
presentation of the unpublished poems by Eugenio Montale.
Lugano, 10 October 1986


Friedrich Glombik and Alexandre Eulalio da Cunha on the terrace
of Cima house in Lugano, 1986


Mayer Schapiro and his wife Lilian
in the house at the Village, New Tork 1985 


Mayer Schapiro and Annalisa Cima
in New York, 1987


Czeslaw Mislosz, Claudia Magris, Annalisa Cima,
Palazzo de Congressi of Lugano, 1989


From left: Arthur Miller, Annalisa Cima.
In the background Deborah Deutschman,
Louise Deutschman, Friedrich Glombik,
Roxbury 1990 (photo by Inge Morath) 


From left Arthur Miller, Annalisa Cima. In the background
Deborah Deutschman, Louise Deutschman, Friedrich Glombik,
Roxbury 1990 (photo by Inge Morath) 



Luca De Filippo and Annalisa Cima,
Posthumous Diary presentation,
first it seems: 30 poems by Eugenio Montale.
Filodrammatici Theater, Milan 1991 



Silvio Riolfo, Annalisa Cima, Msgr. Christmas Ghiglione,
Maristella Lorch, Presentation of
Posthumous diary, 66 poems and others
(Mondadori, 1996) and Incontro Montale 1973 (Scheiwiller, 1996).
Sala delle Colonne, Milan Cathedral Museum, 1996



Andrea Ciccarelli, Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi, Jonathan Galassi,
Annalisa Cima, Maristella Lorch, Sergio Perosa, Luciano Rebay,
Presentation of Posthumous Diary 66 poems and others (Mondadori)
and Incontro Montale 1973 (Scheiwiller), The Italian Academy,
Columbia University, New York November 14, 1996



Jonathan Galassi and Annalisa Cima,
Presentation diariopostumo, 66 poems and others (Mondadori)
and Incontro Montale 1973 (Scheiwiller),
The Italian Academy, Columbia University,
New York, November 14, 1996 


Edoardo Sanguineti, Annalisa Cima, Ezio Gribaudo,
Vanni Scheiwiller (from shoulders),
Palazzo dei Congressi, 12 September 1996,
Lugano, Presentation of Posthumous Diary, 66 poems
and others (Mondadori) and Incontro Montale 1973 (Scheiwiller 1996)



Guido Davico and Annalisa Cima,
present Posthumous Diary,
(Mondadori) Carignano Theater
of Turin, 1996


Annalisa Cima winner of the award is the poet of the year, Santa Margherita
Ligurian 1997



From left: Giorgio Radicati, Marjory Bassett, Jonathan Galassi,
Annalisa Cima, Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi, Gary Shapiro,
at the National Arts Club of New York, January 21, 1999.
Presentation Montale's Collected Poems 1916/1954,
translated and edited by Jonathan Galass